Book clubs rock! I’ve been part of a book club for thirteen years in Ohio, and the women in my club have become some of my closest friends. Book club was a great way to get me reading for pleasure again after becoming bleary-eyed from reading scientific journals in grad school.

The lovely ladies of Book Club (I'm in the middle, in a purple shirt):

If your book club reads With Good Behavior, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email or stop by on Goodreads, Twitter, or Facebook (*points to shiny buttons on the right*).

Here are some questions to facilitate your discussion of With Good Behavior:

  1. If you were basically a law-abiding citizen who’d just finished serving a prison sentence, how would you try to get back on your feet? Who would you turn to? How would you build back your confidence?
  2. Logan Barberi: Hero or Hater?
  3. Research on resiliency finds that having a positive role model or mentor can help children overcome dysfunctional backgrounds. What role did mentorship play in this story?
  4. Quite a few states and the federal government are doing away with parole, instead using a system of predetermined sentences and release time. What are the pros and cons of that change?
  5. Like Angelo, some people vow to do the opposite of their parents in terms of how they treat their children. What are the potential outcomes of such a decision? What factors influenced Carlo to become the man he was?
  6. Should Sophie have given her father another chance?
  7. It has been sad that guilt equates to “I made a mistake” whereas shame equates to “I am a mistake.” How did guilt and shame affect the characters in this story? What helped them to deal with their shame most effectively?
  8. What do you predict might be some issues that Grant and Sophie need to address in couples counseling?
  9. Which vegetable is sexiest, in your opinion?
Please contact me if you'd like some book club questions for Bad Behavior, On Best Behavior, Streamline or Blocked.

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